Supply chains are seeing rapid transformation, driven by disruptions such as COVID-19 and the resulting worldwide economic slowdown. In the face of this transformation, it is more important than ever to align the needs of businesses in supply chains with government policies and recovery programs.

APEC is a leading international organisation in promoting free trade, connectivity and economic growth for the Asia-Pacific. Ministers Responsible for Trade of APEC members have acknowledged the need to build more resilient supply chains:

“We acknowledge the importance of strengthening regional connectivity by intensifying our efforts to make global supply chains more resilient and less vulnerable to shocks, to advance sustainable economic growth.”

We now need your help

By taking 20 minutes of your time to complete our online survey, you will help us to identify levels of disruption and adaptability of your supply chains in order for government to help build more resilient supply chains.

Whether you work in a large corporation, small to medium-sized business, or a sole trader, your views are important to help us understand how your business has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness of the barriers you face in conducting business across borders
  • Tell government your views on the most effective solutions in resolving barriers
  • Influence the development of more effective trade policy in promoting connectivity

In return, our project partners will provide you:

  • Bloomberg New Economy Solutions will share outputs and outcomes regarding the building of a global standards framework to support inclusive trade
  • Free use of GTPA’s Global Business Diagnostic Tool, eCommerce Diagnostic Tool, and network or certified suppliers
  • Access to apply for certification as a global trade expert (ISO/IEC 17024)
  • Access for your organisation to apply for certification as a Globally Trading Business (ISO/IEC 17065) – with free certification for up to 1,000 SMEs

Your contribution is crucial, click here to participate



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Are you a globally trading business?
  • Covid-19 presents the most significant impact on supply chains in recent memory
  • It is also an opportune moment for businesses to examine their supply chains
  • Introduce measures to increase their resiliency
  • We need to hear from you
  • Take the survey
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