Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: To harmonise the practices of global trade and improve the trade participation and performance of MSMEs through the development of a global certification programme for trade professionals.

Mission: To drive the advancement of the GTPA as the peak body for global trade professionals who are ‘Trusted in Trade’.

Our priorities:

  • To establish a Global Trade Professional (GTP) certification programme based on ISO/IEC 17024, which is the recognised international standard for the certification of competent people;
  • To create a harmonised set of competency requirements for various trade professional functions;
  • To approve education providers around the world and their courses as being suitable for providing knowledge related to the harmonised set of competency requirements for GTPs;
  • To equip MSMEs with the skills and capabilities required to conduct profitable global trade by effectively and efficiently recognising the competence of individuals through the GTP Programme;
  • To establish a forum for global trade professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as reward excellence in global trade skills via the GTP Programme;
  • To develop and empower the participation of women in global trade through the GTP Programme;
  • To provide a platform of knowledge sharing for trade capability and capacity-building for MSMEs from both LDCs and developed countries (DCs) via the GTP Programme;
  • To interact with and provide support to sector-specific associations and councils representing all businesses engaged in global trade through the GTP Programme.



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