Simulated business case study to underpin Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised World programme

26.05.2021 Lisa McAuley

One of the unique aspects of the Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised World programme is that participants in the upcoming first course will drive their knowledge growth through a simulated business case study. The case study will use contemporary, real-life scenarios to apply practical skills and knowledge; business mentoring will be provided throughout the simulation. Our participants will be in teams of five and they will be partnered with people globally, with different levels of experience and from different roles. For example, we will pair a policy expert in government with people operating in global businesses. The teams will all resume different roles within the company and will be responsible for driving strategy and growth to report back to our board!

Over the past weeks, I have been working with a team to create the business case simulation, based on an entirely fictitious company! 

In the case study I get to play the role of the fictious CEO of an Australian-Italian owned company, with operating divisions based in Australia, Thailand, Italy Spain and the Netherlands. I am not an actor so please don’t expect me to have a fantastic Italian accent or to be able to fully speak the language, but I can at least act like a CEO on camera!

I am so excited for our upcoming participants to go on this journey with us as they take on important roles within the company to guide its expansion into new markets, new distribution channels and eCommerce. However, they do have to manage all this whilst dealing with Black Swan challenges such as navigating Brexit as they expand into the UK, or managing NTM fall outs as a result of geopolitical events. Not only that but we sometimes put a few international mishaps in our background documents, so you need to watch out!

Who said training and trade was boring!

In the meantime, if any of you have any stories you could share of any challenges/ real life scenarios as you have grown a global empire, I would really love to hear them.

We still have a few spots left for the first programme. You can find out more about the Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised World programme here:

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