Establishment of Support Services for Small Business in Developing Countries

The programme, delivered with the support of the Australian Government as an Australian Aid initiative, is about helping small businesses in developing countries succeed in global trade, which contributes to increased incomes and improved resilience. Assistance will be through improving the support services provided by industry bodies and chambers of commerce to small businesses in developing countries. This also includes enhancing the ecosystem in which small businesses operate, and strengthening their capacity to advocate domestically for trade reform.

As a result of this programme, we believe small business stakeholders will feel more empowered to enter global value chains and to advocate for trade reform. It is anticipated that at the end of this three-year programme, some MSMEs in each of the target markets will be on a path to ISO/IEC certification under the GTPA’s ISO 17065 standard.

The main objectives of this programme are to: 

• Improve the success and build the resilience of small businesses in developing countries through increased engagement in global trade

• Build the support services for small businesses provided by industry organisations or chambers of commerce in developing countries

• Strengthen advocacy for trade reform by small business and industry bodies in their jurisdictions
There are three main aspects to the programme:

• Understanding of the landscape (including mapping of ecosystem, surveying small business challenges to trade, and assessing capacity of industry bodies to provide small business services) 

• Building capacity of industry bodies to provide support services to small businesses (including training of trainers)

• Demonstrating ways in which small businesses can effectively be part of the trading ecosystem and influence government policies through dialogue

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