To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, exceptional individuals must rise out above the crowd.The GTPA Seven Summits Trade Challenge (SSTC) provides trade professionals with formal recognition of their career achievements, as well as giving them a structured pathway to build on their trade skills and expertise to reach new heights in the dynamic and ever-changing world of global commerce.

The SSTC is the only global professional qualification and competency-building framework of its kind that is tied to the ISO/IEC Certification programme. It also offers an alternative pathway to certification as a Global Trade Professional under ISO/IEC 17024 from foundation through Professional, Management, Executive and Fellow levels. This allows trade professionals to be recognised as true, well-rounded experts in their field.

By providing a structured pathway to competency development and lifelong learning, the SSTC aims to inspire those working in international trade to build knowledge and skills across all the facets of trade, including trade management, trade and supply chain finance, trade policy, and regulation and compliance.

Professionals who complete the SSTC will not only have proven excellence in their own areas of specialisation, they will have acquired a deep understanding of areas outside their comfort zone.


Why does a business or trade policy professional need technical international trade skills?

Trade professionals need to understand policy as a strategic business function and as a means to better engage with government to shape their operating environment. Conversely, international policy-makers need practical international business skills to ensure policy is crafted to suit real-world business needs.

The SSTC is about individuals in international trade gaining skills that will lead them to achieve greater heights professionally, which in-turn leads to business growth, increased productivity and strengthened competitiveness at home and overseas.

The ideal SSTC candidate will be able to demonstrate or who is aspiring to be: 

  • A competent negotiator who develops mutually acceptable solutions
  • An effective communicator and collaborator, both in delivery and receipt across various mediums
  • A creative thinker, problem solver and innovator at all levels of engagement through to thought leadership and driving innovation in trade
  • A strategic leader with the ability to consider and provide strategic leadership to others
  • An ethical specialist who maintains professional standards and demands integrity in all actions
  • An informed risk taker with a well-considered appetite for risk based on identifying, managing and mitigating both current and future risks
  • A well networked professional, actively developing and maintaining global trade networks

Why GTPA developed the Seven Summits Trade Challenge?

Increased globalisation, constant technological advances and other competitive pressures are accelerating the pace of change that both trade policy professionals and global trading businesses face. The resulting opportunities and threats to global trade impact those working in government, industry, business as well as companies that support and facilitate trade.

Traditional business qualifications and courses focus heavily on theory and knowledge development but not necessarily the practical skills. This often leave graduates ill-prepared for the practical aspects of working in an international trade environment. Many of the skills required are learned on the job, while understanding trade from a policy perspective is often overlooked.

The SSTC was created to fill the gaps in traditional trade/international business education while providing a graduated pathway to formalise practical skills development in trade/international business, in order to produce well-rounded and well-qualified professionals.

The SSTC will officially launch in September 2019.  If you are interested in obtaining further information and who may wish to make a head start on preparing for certification can contact the GTPA at or subscribe to our database to receive updates.

Candidates can still apply to apply to join the summit by starting the process applying as a certified GTP under ISO/IEC 17024.



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