The Global eCommerce Trust Mark

Safe.Shop was launched as global ecommerce trust mark to facilitate global digital trade. Twenty countries together defined the Global Ecommerce Code of as a universal set of rules for online selling to consumers.

The GTPA is pleased to partner with the eCommerce Foundation to deliver the Safe.Shop certification in Australia and New Zealand.

Why should you get involved?

There is a clear need for building global trust in ecommerce:

  • Global ecommerce trade is increasing rapidly. The expectation is that between 2020-2025, 30% of all ecommerce will be cross border (see figure above).[1]
  • However, merchants have difficulties building trust across borders. A lack of trust is rated the 4th largest barrier of cross border trade by merchants.[2]
  • Additionally, 49% of all consumers with internet access are not shopping online report a lack of trust as the primary reason for choosing not to purchase online. Of those who do shop online, more than 50% lose trust when the webshop is based in another country (see graph below).[3]
  • Finally, consumer protection and ecommerce regulations still differ significantly per region, creating a convoluted legal maze for both merchants and consumers.[4]

[1] Global Cross-Border B2C Market in billions $, World Bank, Accenture Analysis, 2016.

[2] Ecommerce Foundation, Cross Border Barriers Study, 2015.

[3] CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, 2017.

[4] UNCTAD, Statista 2017.

There are three levels of certification available for companies.

To find out how your business can benefit from GTPA's eCommerce services please contact Collins Rex at or complete the below enquiry form: 

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