While the global business landscape is changing rapidly, we have confidence that it will eventually stabilise.

In the meantime, businesses’ capacity to survive will depend on your ability to innovate the ways in which they communicate, manage their business, and engage customers.

Our mentoring programme will digitally connect  your business with mentors who can provide a range of skills and advice in dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 and other crises on their business.

The proposed Mentoring programme is a one-on-one matching service that aligns the international business needs of an individual or company with the services of a subject expert using our technology platform.


1. A business completes a detailed assessment, using an online technology platform

2. Their needs are assessed and suggestions made regarding the areas where they need assistance, based on the report generated through the online platform

3. In addition to the assessed areas requiring mentorship, businesses may also select additional areas of assistance from a list of suggested topics

4. Businesses are matched with an expert

5. A schedule of meetings is determined in consultation with the business, including the method of delivery – online though the new technology platform

6. Businesses get the guidance they require

7. All mentorship outcomes are monitored via the online technology platform, including tracking of meetings, effectiveness of mentors, learnings of mentees, etc

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