Lyall Howard

Lyall Howard

General Manager- Government Relations
Australia Post

Lyall Howard is General Manager Government Relations at Australia Post where he is responsible for managing relations with the Federal Government in Canberra and Australia’s missions in international markets. Lyall has over thirty years’ experience in international trade and public affairs across government, industry associations and private enterprise.

Lyall’s undergraduate training is in agricultural science. He has a M.Sc. (Agric. Econ.) from the University of London, where he specialized in international trade policy, and an MBA where he majored in international business. Lyall commenced his career in London in the 1980s at the agribusiness conglomerate Dalgety plc. Following a period in mergers and acquisitions at Dalgety, Inc. in San Mateo California Lyall returned to Australia in 1989 to the international wool division at Dalgety Farmers. In the early 1990’s Lyall moved to the newly created Australian Horticultural Corporation where he was tasked with designing an ISO 9002 quality certification scheme for Australian horticulture. Lyall then joined McDonalds’ Australia Limited as National Purchasing Manager where he was responsible for paddock-to-plate sourcing and supply chain management for key commodities for McDonalds’ restaurants in Australia and Asia.

Lyall was appointed International Trade Director at Australia’s peak farm organization in Canberra, the National Farmers Federation, in 1996. At NFF Lyall established the Cairns Group Farm Leaders, a coalition of eighteen national farm associations to lobby for the liberalization of trade through the WTO. Lyall made a significant contribution to the pre-Doha debate on the economics of trade in food and agriculture and represented Australian farmers in Geneva, Brussels and Washington DC.

From 2002 to 2012 Lyall worked in Public Affairs and Government Relations for Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton where he was responsible for public policy issues in Australia and North Asia. This was a decade of rapid international growth in demand for steel-making raw materials and provided a natural transition to his next role as Senior Policy Adviser to Australia’s Minister for Trade & Investment, the Hon. Andrew Robb AO. In Minister Robb’s office Lyall was responsible for coordinating policy and strategy for Australia’s bilateral FTAs with Korea, Japan and China. Lyall joined Blackmores Limited as Head of Government Relations in 2016 and moved to Australia Post as General Manager Government Relations in January 2018. Lyall has two sons and spends his weekends on his beef cattle property in West Gippsland in Victoria.

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