Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth is a Vanuatu-based manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of naturally organic skin care products specifically formulated for problem skin and aging. The business is owned and operated by Fresh Change Ltd. which is headed up by the Managing Director and CEO, Linda Trenkner. A strong advocate of natural, wild harvested products that deliver real benefits to local, disadvantaged communities (especially women) and to the buying customer, Linda is also very much against unnecessary packaging, animal testing or hurting the environment in any way.

Started from scratch in her kitchen back in 2003, Volcanic Earth was born out of Linda’s desire to create something from nothing. As a former and prominent fashion designer in Australia, Linda had a two-fold vision. She wanted to establish a unique, international business that utilised the local raw materials of Vanuatu and at the same time, create much-needed income and livelihood opportunities for indigenous Ni Vanuatu living in outer islands and disadvantaged through unemployment, remoteness and poverty.

Volcanic Earth has managed to deliver on Linda’s dream through a great deal of endeavour, creativity and hard work. Linda is also about “Women Power” so it is not surprising that all of the staff at Volcanic Earth are indigenous Ni Vanuatu women. It is also little wonder that Linda was chosen to represent “Successful Business Women in the Pacfic” at the 4th United Nations Conference On The Least developed Countries in May 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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