Nora's Plantation Foods Ltd

Samoan-born Lisa Karene is the Co-founder of Nora’s Plantation Foods, a social enterprise that manufactures foods in Samoa for global exports in order to create a local market for the remote villages in Samoa.

Every product represents a plantation or farm that is trying to take care of a family unit that includes three generations.

The plantations that Nora’s is currently working with are Cacao plantations, Noni fruits, and Taro crops.

Nora’s Australian office is the export market connection to nutritious tropical foods and organic raw ingredients from the clean, lush environment of Samoa.

Nora’s is extending its services to include more Pacific islands in its social enterprise, and is growing its exports to Asia, the US and Europe.

Nora’s Plantation Foods is one of the Winners of the Australian Frontier Innovator Award. Lisa has extensive business and entrepreneurial experiences, and is a Finalist for Earth Company’s Impact Hero Award.



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