Fast Track Trade (FTT)

Our users describe us as ā€œthe Facebook for SMEs, on blockchainā€.

We connect your business. For you to build your success story. Digitally.

We want to make the business life of any company fully digital immediately after its incorporation.

We invented simple and convenient service functionalities that pop up when you need them, like e-invoice, e-payment, financing, logistic, and insurance (to come). On one single platform corporates can also connect with affordable, essential services and special deals as many packages are built only for our users.

As an SME you may face many of these challenges:

- Finding reliable suppliers or customers

- Being found as a supplier

- Identifying yourself and giving a business history

- Affording online payment and ERP systems

- Securing financing

- Protecting key people and business assets

- Having trustable records

Fast Track Trade addresses all these challenges on one single platform!

CONNECT - It instantly connects buyers and sellers with service providers who offer on-demand digital services, financing, insurance, and logistics.

SECURE - It is powered by Distributed Ledger Technology, which makes small value transactions traceable, safe, and transparent.

TRUST - It creates trust by enabling buyers and sellers to prove their identity and exist as a digital business.

ACCESS - SMEs access Fast Track Trade on a smartphone or a desktop.

NETWORK ā€“ Cross-marketing campaigns are organized on various social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, FB) and our digital partners networks (NinjaVan, Carousell, Circles.Life, AMTC, ICC Academy, GTPA etc) to support our SME users.

Fast Track Trade (FTT) operates in Singapore, and connects SMEs based in Indonesia, Malaysia Thailand, the Philippines, India, Cambodia, Laos and soon Eastern Africa. FTT provides digital access to:

- Accounting and corporate secretarial services,

- A selection of digital services to boost your revenues,

- Local and international digital payment providers,

- Compliance, legal and regulatory specialists,

- Marketing and communication experts,

- Last mile delivery and fleet tracking solutions,

- Travel management

- Affordable HR, training and e-learning solutions

- And… a pool of c. USD 1.5B trade financing, just for SMEs.




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