Program Overview

Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised World provides international business leaders and trade policy experts with the technical knowledge and advanced complex and adaptive thinking capabilities required to succeed in today’s global business environment. This twelve month program includes intensive on-site learning in Washington, Sydney and London.

This executive program is held over a eight month period to provide leaders with the opportunity to instill and apply the lessons learned to their organisational context.

During this time participants engage in deep experiential learning and remain closely connected to the program through a combination of:

  • On-site intensive learning led by renowned educators in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Interactive online conferences
  • Purposeful interactions with peers outside the classroom
  • Discussions and networking opportunities with leading experts from government and the private sector across the globe
  • Site visits to organisations and government departments with practical experience ‘on the ground’
  •  Simulated global business cases
  • Mentoring Participants also undertake individual and group assignments designed to broaden their understanding of the concepts introduced throughout the program and provide opportunities to apply their learning in a real world context.

Why is Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised Context so valuable?

One word defines the rapidly evolving international trade landscape: complexity. Today’s business leaders confront a host of political, economic, policy, regulatory and institutional barriers.

On the international political front the headlines are full of ‘trade wars’ news. The rise of populist sentiment in the developed world is challenging many of the post- cold war assumptions, wherein the march of trade liberalisation and liberal political systems were in lock-step. The resurgence of state capitalism in China and other parts of the developing world fuels a broader anti-globalization backlash, placing global institutions, including the World Trade Organization, under great strain.

Political debates increasingly reflect these international tensions, as well as the broader, deteriorating, regional security environment. Security, trade and investment are now more, and increasingly, entwined, affecting trade policies and regulations across the globe. This general sense of gathering gloom is mirrored in financial markets, and aggravated by a generally deteriorating macroeconomic context, with talk of sustained deflation afflicting the developed world, slowing global economic growth and talk of structural stagnation returning.

Yet threats bring new opportunities for exporters: New trade routes are being opened up through the proliferation of free trade agreements. Technological progress marches on, simultaneously rendering cross- border trade easier to do, while multiplying the possibilities for dispersing production facilities internationally and bringing goods and services closer to consumers.

In an age of tightly interconnected global supply chains and unprecedented global technological and trade disruption, it is critical that business leaders understand the impact of trade policies and develop the complex and adaptive capabilities required to think strategically and manage change effectively in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating environments.

Adaptive Leadership in a Globalised Context canvasses the strategic issues confronting the global trading system, the tools states deploy in tandem with business and other actors to maximise national advantage in trade negotiations and policy design, and how these can be influenced and leveraged by businesses with greatest effectiveness.

It provides the technical knowledge and adaptive leadership competencies required by today’s international business leaders to effectively monitor and analyse trade policy, and prepare strategically for a range of future scenarios that will position their organisations for success in today’s rapidly evolving international business landscape.


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