Our goal is to bring people and organisations together to collaborate on:

  • Improving professional capabilities in trade
  • Advocating the benefits and opportunities of trade
  • Facilitating  global networking
  • Improving the performance of companies in global trade
  • Streamlining the trade process
  • Advancing international sustainable development
  • Supporting the development of MSMEs and their access to global supply chains
  • Leveraging standards and capacity building to promote more inclusive trade

Collaboration opportunities 

GTPA is built on a model that promotes inclusiveness and recognises the many delivery mechanisms for trade capability development, education and professional development services globally.

The following opportunities are available to organisations keen to engage with the GPTA:

These include: 

  1. Marketing Exchange Agreement
  2. Approved Educational Provider as part of the Seven Summits Trade Challenge (SSTC) and fast track certification pathway 
  3. Strategic Alliance
  4. Approved Certification Body

Option 1: Marketing Exchange Agreement benefits

An alliance agreement between organisations with the purpose of strengthening the relations between the two organisations that is of mutual benefit. This includes mutual marketing benefits such as events and activities including seminars, education programs, events, research, product development and exhibitions organised by the Parties. 

  • A discount on GTPA certification and network access for all your students/ members
  • Discounts for all registered members to become certified as Global Trade Professionals (GTP) under ISO/IEC 17024 
  • Discounts for all registered members to become certificated as Global Certified Trading Business under ISO/IEC 17065
  • Promotion of your events, courses and publications. These activities and publications may also be listed as 'approved' activities for Global Trade Professionals to undertake as part of their Continuing Professional Development Plan
  • Increased marketing outreach through access to the GTPA website, social networking channels, eDMs , articles in our newsletter and blogs
Option 2: Approved Educational Provider

Within the ISO/IEC 17024 framework, the GTPA approves Education Providers around the world who meet the GTP Programme rules and whose training and education courses meet the relevant competency standards.

As an Approved Education Provider, an organisation can apply for accreditation of:

  • Degree or diploma courses recognised as an approved learning pathway for specific levels of GTP certification
  • Short term education courses or programmes that address specific units of competency required for certification under the GTP Programme and ongoing Continual Professional Development (CPD) status
Option 3: Strategic Alliance
A strategic alliance is a more formal process for organisations wishing to collaborate with the GTPA . This collaboration aims to promote and deliver programmes and certification for agreed countries/ regional focus or specialisation.
GTPA will continue to process network access and GTP applications, Education Provider approvals, partnerships or alliances and sponsorships but you will benefit from a more proactive partnership through a revenue sharing model.

Option 4: Approved Certification Body

This is an agreed arrangement whereby the Approved Certification Body has country/ regional/ specialist rights to operate the GTP programme and ISO/IEC 17024 certification programme. The approved body will need to adhere to GTPA’s ISO/IEC 17024 rules and governance standards and, where relevant under each alternative, undertake the following activities:
  • Assessment of GTP Programme applicants 
  • Network activities for Certified Global Trade Professionals and Global Trading Businesses/ Consulting Services
  • Management of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for GTP’s
  • Referral to the GTPA for its approval of educational providers
  • Approval of relevant events, research, short courses, online courses, academic journals, and conferences forming ongoing CPD activity
  • Recruitment of corporate partners and sponsors to support the GTP Programme and GTPA network.
To enquire about collaboration opportunities with the GTPA please contact us at: info@gtpalliance.com or complete the below enquiry form and a member of the GTPA team will be in touch.


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