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We help organizations develop the capabilities to lead their own development and improvements. Doing this for themselves means they can go on to support the success of critical partners in their wider value networks. Success for us is defined as “When we leave, the capabilities stay.”

Most work in this area focuses on psychology and behaviours. This is extremely important for understanding others and yourself. Development as a leader comes from practice. The translation between theory and practice takes time, but in complex and disruptive situations time is a scarce resource.

We approach this problem by focuses on understanding situations, sharing relevant leadership strategies, and coaching through the inevitable challenges to be faced.

The foundation of this work comes from the analysis of over 125 successful transformations. This is very much about sharing core leadership successes that translate into measurable organisational outcomes.

Supply Chain

Never more than now has the importance of supply networks been understood across all sectors of the economy. Unfortunately, this realisation is often the result of a disruption. Profiling risk and opportunity provides an approach focused on adding value that mitigates the potential impact of failures.Supply chains operate with very different capabilities, both within organisations and across the supply network. Understanding these vary and where the critical gaps are is important if improvement is to be targeted and deliver a strong ROI.

We have expertise in building strong value chains that consider the physical, financial, information and relationship needs of partnering organisations. We also have experience in resolving situations when they go badly wrong.


Causing change that achieves a desired outcome is the graveyard of many organisations and leaders. The priorities can be right, the strategy right, communication strong, yet they still fail to fully deliver.

There are three critical questions a leader needs to ask: Where am I? Where do I need to be? How will I get there? To achieve this requires a mix of capabilities blended together to achieve a clearly defined purpose.

We translate the transformation journey into a structure and set of transformation tools that mean our clients have full transparency as to how we deliver success. This then allows them to repeat the success time and again with minimal support as they continue their journey.

Our Clients

We have profiled over 100 organisations from the Fortune 500 and FTSE 100. When presented with our findings, the overwhelming response has been positive leading to insight and action. Many of our clients are repeat customers from the past 20 years at both an organisational and individual level. We have also worked with small organisations of just a few people dealing with very specific issues. In all cases we act transparently so the leadership team can see and understand what we do and apply the same techniques themselves. Some of our clients have included Babcock Engineering, Aegon Insurance, JCB, NHS Ambulance Service, BMW, Lindale Primary School and The Muddy Boots Nursery. During the course of our journey we have helped clients deliver in excess of $2.5bn, improve implementation times by a factor of 3 and improvement results by a factor of 12.


“The value you bring to an organisation is the ability to take the average tactical/operational procurement function and transform it into a high-performing contributor of significant shareholder value.” Retail Sector (South Africa)

“The advantage you gave us was a deep-seated understanding of human behaviour and dynamics, which made your advice and guidance on change management matters very relevant.” Nuclear Industry (UK)

“Could not have made such an impression without ProPar.” Membership Organisation (USA)



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