GTPA, through local chapters and through the global network of global experts, can be a vital asset in raising professional competencies and promoting world-class practices in international trade.

Local chapters of the GTPA can serve as critical nodes in Trading Out of Poverty strategies.

The GTPA can provide the framework and infrastructure for the development and deployment of just such a network.

GTPA has a shared commitment through our founding executive, partners and committees to the idea that advocacy is a central role of experts and senior leaders across the global architecture for trade and investment. In this respect, the GTPA leadership and network will actively champion multilateralism, freer, rules-based, and increasingly inclusive trade and investment.

Such advocacy will involve local business communities, industry bodies and other entities engaging in or supporting engagement in global trade, but will also extend to senior political leadership globally to take a holistic view of trade, supply chains and the complex ecosystems of commercial relationships that drive global commerce.

The GTPA will work in line with proven international development and economic development practice, supporting SMEs, women-owned businesses and other groups or sectors of activity that deliver demonstrable, measurable impact and value, and will engage closely with international institutions, multilateral development banks, export credit agencies and others critical to advancing economic inclusion and Trade out of Poverty outcomes.




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