GTPA only launched on the 12th December and we are currently looking to source partners who may wish to work wish us to create a GTPA Chapter.

As a Chapter together we can work with you to support global trade advancement in your country and you will benefit from providing additional services to your network to give them access to:

  • Growth in skills and knowledge
  • Internationally recognised certification
  • Career progression
  • Promotion of your capabilities as a global expert in trade
  • Expanding your employment opportunities
  • Global connections
  • Access to a trusted network for sourcing employees

Engagement globally in trade policy on behalf of companies engaged in international trade.

The elements of a GTPA Chapter value proposition can include:

  • Building a global trade ecosystem
  • Programme delivery and knowledge transfer
  • Global trade and international business competency development
  • Trade-related research and analytical skills development
  • Strategic advocacy training
  • Development of local trusted networks, and linkages to the global GTP community
  • Mentorship
  • Trade Policy
  • Thought leadership

Collaboration will be driven by six over-arching objectives:

  1. Work together to deliver the GTP Programme, other GTPA services and information sharing to enhance existing service offerings.
  2. Develop activities that can support the local chamber to deliver ongoing certified GTP activities in-market.
  3. Build trade linkages and networks with regional and global markets via the GTPA network.
  4. Collaborate on local delivery of skills and capability building programs.
  5. Advise individuals from various markets in becoming GTP certified, including providing access to educational programs via the GTPA network to build their competencies.
  6. Expand membership benefits by providing local networks with valued-added membership to GTPA, as well as discounted rates to become a GTP.
  7. Engage in trade policy and though leadership to represent the needs of companies engaged in international trade as well as promote and advocate the benefits of global trade.


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